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When the owners of One Capital Funding came to us, they told us that an outsourced solution had let them down, and taken over 4 times as long to complete something that wasn’t even done to the level of sophistication promised.

The logo’s were copied from other brands, and the site had no clear cut call to actions, and just way too much information to look at.

Step 1:
Discovery – Identify what the client’s objectives were?


Step 2:
Design – Layout a strong design comp that let’s the customer know what direction we would take them. Web Services was able to draw out a beautiful design the the client was happy to see come to life.

OneCapitalFunding copy

Step 3:
Build – As the build started, the pieces all came together to get their objective across to the customer in an efficient and effective way.
-Clean call to actions were built to bring in leads, and stop distractions.
-Menu was made to be concise and easy to navigate.
-Phone number is prominently displayed.
-Web effects applied to areas we want to draw the eyes.





  • One Capital Funding LLC
  • January 15th 2014
  • Branding
  • Responsive Design
  • Strategy
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Graphics
  • User Experience (UI/UX) Design
  • Desktop to Mobile Mapping
  • Hosting & Managed Services
  • Custom Programming (Code)
  • Enhanced Call to Actions via A/B Testing
  • Lead Generation
  • Form Calculation

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